Picture perfect lives and the death of intimacy

Modern life is screwed from the point of view that everyone is competing with one another for having more things, having better Instagram pictures….etc. I think the really screwed up message this sends is though – it does not matter how you really feel, it does not matter how your life really is….as long as your pictures are nice.

Such attitude makes people hide. Where I currently live, depression is a huge issue. I get the feeling that at least partially because people don’t even dare to talk to one another about anything really meaningful. Instead they spend all this energy trying to prove that they are normal. As long as the society and your ‘friends’ deem you to be normal, you are fine…

This is how you get these stories….but he seemed to be doing so well, I simply do not understand why he would kill himself. Or, but she had such a perfect life with such well-behaved kids and handsome husband.

Ever more I am noticing my role as a person to offer the alternative view. Not because I would want my random acquaintances feel for me for my difficult life….Quite the contrary, I think it is important that someone head up admits that they have issues. It actually takes soooo much more courage to admit that you have problems than to talk about your ideal life. This is true courage.

So I want show people that you can talk about problems, issues in your life etc. without necessarily having to feel mortified about it. Having issues should be normal. Struggling, for the lack of better word, is completely natural. If people made it less of a taboo, I would argue we would all have it easier. I think that the whole idea that having problems is something shame worthy and for god sake should not find its way definitely not to your Instagram page, but probably even not to your common dinners with your friends actually exaggerates the whole issue. I mean, yes I drink wine couple of evenings during the week as a coping mechanism, I should not be wanting to hide it because I am so afraid of being shamed or, yes, I still struggle to get my finances together, again, I should not be so worried about hiding it. But the truth is that I think most people feel highly insecure talking about any of those issues, be those their own or these of their friends.

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