Is it important to find your own purpose?

A lot of self-help literature these days stresses on the need to become an individual before you get into a relationship. Furthermore, it tells you to find your own passions and purpose before, advocating that you cannot rely on someone else in order to be happy.

I mean, in principle I agree with that, I do think you need to do your own personal work. However, now I am going to say something a bit controversial – what if your life mission is actually supporting others? I mean, I cannot think of myself as becoming something extraordinary. I think on one hand, I do not have sufficient talents and on the other hand, I also have no wish nor sufficient hunger for achievements. I think, I personally, would be much happier when supporting someone else, while they are achieving great things in the world.

This someone else does not have to be a partner and I am not painting a life of a housewife here. I am rather saying that I think in our current world, we somehow stress too much on our purpose needing to be separate from others around us. What if my purpose is to support my family, what if my purpose is making my friends happy? I do think that this as well should be considered a worthwhile goal.

When it comes to my own purpose, I suspect more and more that rather than becoming someone outstanding myself, I will support someone else in becoming outstanding. From an objective point of view, I can read people, I can read their needs (thanks mum and your anger outbursts) and I truly want those around me to succeed. On the other hand, society tells me that supporting others cannot be a legitimate goal in life. It tells me that I should question my lack of personal goals and perhaps even consider myself codependent because of such ideas. But, should I?


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